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Today is one of those days, my arthritis is really raging and I know I am condemned to being housebound for the rest of my life so I have given way to my feelings and as a result am so depressed and lonely. I haven’t had a visit from a friend now for several months and I don’t suppose I will for many months to come so yes, I’m feeling lonely and neglected. When I think back to all the people I have tried to help in every way possible throughout my life and where are they all now?
It’s like living on an isalne just waiting till the day comes when I leave this life, it’s existing and nothing more and the problem is, I don’t iknow what to do about it. I can’t get out to meet people because of my disabilities so how can I change things.
The only thing that’s keeping me going is my faith, so far I’ve managed to hang on to that but there’s a limit.
Sorry if I am going on and feeling sorry for myself but I have no one to talk things through with so it just helps to let my feelings pour out into my blog. I just don’t know what I can do to help myself to change things.
There, at least I’ve got it off my chest. Chat again soon.


This post will probably make me very unpopular but it is written with total honesty and without bias of any kind.
As a licence payer I simply want to know what the BBC obsession with sports is all about.
Millions of us buy a television licence every year, indeed we have no choice but our viewing aspirations go to the wall everytime there is a major sporting event. Pehaps we should look at some figures. The number of genuine sports fans for any event is in reality limited to a maximum of a very few millions, mostly even less and what in reality is a very small minority of licence payers so why does the viewing by the majority need to move to one side to allow total domination of the airwaves.
When BBC2 was first mooted it was supposed to be a minority sporst channel – taht premise soon went through the window.
I am not a spoilsport I follow my local football teams avidly and my Saturday afternoons wouldn’t be the same without Final Score. But no, dear old beeb have to give me wall to wall coverage of the World Cup, an event which is of real no important to we English now. Then along comes Wimbledon, domain of the rich and wealthy where everyone who thinks they are anyone parade in the Royal Box for all to see, how false it all is.
I state again I am not against sport and fitness and would encourage it’s promotion far and wide but I am against all this blanket coverage given by the BBC at he expense of their normal usually top quality ordinary broadcast material.
And my final rant this post. What gives the BBC the right to play about with the news timings as it does? Providing quality news coverage is what the BBC does best but constantly moving it around to accommodate sports coverage is just plain crazy. We deserve to be presented with the news at the proper time, not as and when sports permits.
So there you have it, a post whichmight make me very unpopular but is simply an expression of how I feel.



Being severely disabled I don’t get out much. I have to have someone with me if Iam going anywhere and at my time in life friends are few and far between. I’m not complaining, there are lots of people about who are far worse off than I am, just making a point, the relevance of which will become obvious shortly.
Yesterday a good friend came to see me and as it was such a nice day we decided to go out. One of my favouraite places these days is Carsington Water, near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. As someone who is disabled I can’t speak too highly of Carsingtom. Owned and developed by Severn Trent water it has developed into a very popular visitor attraction and it is always very busy. There are lots of different attractions ranging from ongoing educational exhibitions to touristy shops, all kinds of eating houses and miles and miles of walks, cycle tacks etc.. It reall is a wonderful day out with loads of car parking. There is also a very full range of activities on the water both or participants and spectators.
The main point of this post though is to report on my experience at the Mainsail Restaurant within the main visitor centre.
I have long wanted to eat there but have been put off by the fact that it is on thefirst floor up several flights of stairs. Taking the bull by the horns I phoned ahead to see if there might be disabled access. I was told that yes, there was a lift and plenty of room for my mobility scooter.
What an undersatement, the facilities were fantastic in every respect. I’d reserved a table when Imade my initial phone calland when I checked in I was shown to a table and told that the member of staff had allocated that particular table to allow me as much room as possible. So very considerate but just a sign of what was to come.
The menu was really extensive ranging from snacks to full hot meals. I’dfirst planned to have a salad, a warm mackeral one which sounded goodbut the,on looking at the menu I found a chicken breast, stuffed with a home made filling. I can’t recall what the ingredients were other than one of them being cream but it was extremely tasty. The chicken was served on a bed of crushed new potatoes and served with seasonal vegetable being carrots, cabbage, broccoli and further new potatoes. The whole meal was cooked to perfection. I didn’t have to wait long for it to be served, just long enough to know it was freshly cooked which is always great. And all that just for £7.95 which I thought extremely reasonable.
My friend has a vegetable hotpot which he assures me wasalso top quality.
I’ve already booked my next visit and look forward to many such visits in the futre.


My government epetition to curb the activities has been accepted so I would appeal to as many people as possible to sign it and eventually curb the activities of these online robbers.
I am also starting a campaign to get the Consumer Credit licences held by some individual companies cancelled to hopefully put them out of business.
I would be very grateful if anyone who has been ripped of in this way by these companies would get in touch with me so that I have as much ammunition as possible.


Since I had infinity installed two weeks ago I have had constan problems with my briadband dropping out two to three times every day. I have had long sessions with the technical guys at BT and all have tried their best. After each call and any work is completed they say the sme things, monitor the problem and contact us if it persists. I am reaching the end of my patience with tis situation. I need my computer almost constantly.
I am a blogger, own an online sales business and do all my writing on the laptop, for it to keep droppoing out id judt not god enough but BT seem reluctant to do anything about it apart from allow me to discus it with someone in one of their call centres in India. After many, many years as a loyal BT customer I am seriously considering changing to another provider.
Has anyone else experienced these kind of problems? Please get in touch via the contact format the end of this blog.


DO NOT ENQUIRE ABOUT A LOAN ONLINE!!! I have this week and so far have had two separate fraudulent amounts taken from my bank account by so called loan introduction agencies.
How it works is this. You make your initial enquiry online to wehat appear to be legitimate companies, so called brokers. In doing so you obviously have to give bank details.
These brokers then pass your details to up to 30 or more other companies. The details are then used by these companies to take fees from unsuspecting customers. They have either the authority to do so, nor any legitimate reason to do so.
The banks will not make any refund because they say that you have given the details to the original company and their terms and conditions allow hem to share those details with the other companies. So far I have had two fraudulent payments taen out by a company called MERLIN LOANS and another company called MY
Avoid those companies totally, they exist purely to rip you off.
I have started a Government e petition to get them regulated or closed, please sign my e petition on line and also, if you have been affected by similarrip offs please contact me via the comments forat the enod of this blog.Thanks. Together we can beat these thieving………………s.


Did anyone like myself enjoy seeing IDS squirming last evening on Question Time? How can anyone just sit back and watch our great country and especially its welfare services be destroyed?
We must ensure that this doesn’t continue.
Over the past 3 years we have constantly heard the Tories claiming that all this auterity is necessary because of the mess the last (Labour) Government left. What a load of balderdash the economic crisis was the result of a world recession and nothing else and the so-called recovery is following a worldwide trent.
The recession was caused by greedy bankers and yet they seem to be immune to any consequences whilst ordinary people are suffering in every way.
ATOS has now lostits contract to promote the IDS ideology nationwide and not before time but will IDS be called to account in any way, no chance whatsoever.
We need, as a society to be far less apathetic and passive instead we need to do all we ca to promote the case for more and better welfare facilities.
Why should the top 2 percentof society continue to feather their nests at the expense of the poor?