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A couple of weeks since I last blogged on here but over the last few days I have felt so much warmth and love from my faith that I just had to share. I don’t believe in preaching and in this increasingly secular and broken word I think that perhaps I would be wasting effort in doing so but I do know how warm and secure my faith makes me feel and I really would love to help others to experience the same feelings.
I am a Christian, I am not a good Christian and in life I have made and will continue to make many mistakes but I know that God will forgive my sins and that knowledge is so comforting and it with that knowledgethat I shall continue doing my best.
When I re-affirmed my Christianity back in 1996 I was in prison. Now most people would think that my situation would have been a very low point but it wasn’t, just the opposite in fact because after years of wondering and uncertainty I realised that I wasn’t alone in the world.It’s very hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced but when you open up your heart and give yourself to the Lord you experience a most wonderful feeling inside. It isn’t a flash of light or a fanfare of trumpets it is just an amazing totally overpowering feeling of warmth and love resulting in a feeling of total and all enclosing security.
Throughout my life I have always tried to show love in all that I have done in the hope that perhaps my philosophy will rub off on those I am dealing with allowing them to recognise and experience that all enveloping warmth.
Reading through the proofs of my book A Life of Sentences which is due for publiocation soon I can suddenly see so many occasions when the Lord’s hand is at work in so many ways and it sometimes makes me feel a little guilt at not recognising this much ealier but perhaps it is better how things have worked out because in doing so I have learned to play my part and make the effort rather than just relying omn the good Lord to so it all for me.
Just wanted to share these few thoughts with my followers, Christians will know what I mean but for those who aren’t sure can I just say give it a try, it’s free, you are under no obligation and believe me if you experience the warmth and love that I’ve felt you won’t regret it.
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.


Have just got to blog this. Often we criticise our local authorities and some would say rightly so but today I am extremely happy to do just he opposite. I have always found Derbyshire to be helpful and supportive but this time they have totally surpassed themselves. I have mentioned a few times on dhere and twitter that I am virtually housebound and someone at County Hall has picked theinfo up and so far I have had calls from both AgeUK and Community transport offering help and support, their initiative not mine!!
What more can I say, truly wonderful caring Council!!!



I have been asked to post a photo of myself so hre it is, don’t blame me, the request cane from a followr!!


We are constantly being given health advice by no doubt well meaning individuals or groups, this morning it is Saga, telling us that sitting is as bad for us as exercise is good. Common sense one would think but not much use to someone like me who is severely disabled and has to sit almost permanently.
Please don’t think I’m complaining about my disability. Sure if I could get rid of it I would be the happiest man alive but I know that isn’t going to happen so I just make he best of my situation and try not to think back to my pre disability days.
When I look around me though and see how bad some people are I really realise just how lucky I am and get on with life in my own way.
But this advice! At the weekend the Mailonline was carrying an artictle telling us all how healthy beer is, especially for diabetics, in the same online source today it tells us how unhealthy even small amounts of alcohol are, no wonder we are all confused. My philosophy is simple,l take everything you read with a pinch of salt and use common sense as your guide as t how you conduct your own lifestyle.
By all means read these advice piecesand if your own common sense suggests you follow them then al well and good but always filter the advice with a good dose of common sense before applying.
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love!!


Wow, what a day the past 24 hours have been. My arthritis really raged, I think I twisted myself when I was showering, that’s what comes of being old and decrepit.
That’s life though, was in real agony last night and such was the pain that I couldn’t lie down so I spent all night sitting up in my chair, managed to get some sleep though although it was very broken sleep. Much better now but don’t think I will be doing a cross country run tonight.
Apart from that not really much to report, it’s been a beautiful day and HM has been in Derbyshire to enjoy it so all in all, not a bad day at all.
Had an amazing reaction to my post the other day about loneliness. In the post today have had a whole lot of material from the local office of AgeUK. I’m very grateful indeed and applaud their pro active approach.
This can’t be one of my more enlightening posts, indee it is probably very boring but at least it’s keeping us in touch!!!!


Once, many years ago vaguely recall seeing a film ANGRAY YOUNG MEN. I’ve concluded that I must therefore be the latest version, an ANGRY OLD MAN. Sadly I’m not as active as I used to be but to balance that out I am certainly more angry than I have ever been. Not just with one person or group, that wouled be easy with BT and George Thompson at the head of my list but with society as a whole, thye whole uncaring worldwide society.
No one cares anymore,well that’s not true of course, there are countless wonderful caring people in all four corners of the world but they are constantly being suppressed by the majority, the ruling classes whose sole purpose in life is self promotion often achieved with a large portion of finacial corruption.
In my home county this week it has been announced that we will more than likely be losing school crossing wardens, childrens centres, community transport services and on and on goes the list and all because of this Government’s obsession with making money for the ruling classes because belive me that is what it is. All the platitudes about creating jobs and getting development back is total fantasy simply created to add wealth for the friends of the Eton/Oxford/Bullingdon/Chpiing Camden set.
I long for the good old days when people were more important than profit and society cared but I suppose that is just wishful thinking.


Anyone who has been following me will know that since I have had BT Infinity installed I have had constant problems with signal loss, today it is particularly bad, nine drop outs in two hours!!
I have tried everything to get BT to do something about it but they just ignore me. It would appear I have no alternative but to switch provider.
In addition the speeds quoted for the broadband infinity would appear to be pure fantasy, my speed now is lower the it was before infinity.
Customer service doesn’t exist within BT. Under previous Chairmen you could at least get something done if you went to the top, under the present boss leters are simply ignored. The whole set up is a joke but sadly a joke which is leaving thousands of customers out of pocket and with a lousy service.