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March 7, 2015

No one can say the haven’t seen the rapid decline of this country in every possible way. The government are hell bent on destroying all that is good in GB. That is inline with Tory policy, create a hue divide between the haves and the have nots constantly increasing the wealth of the very small minority at the top.
In true Tory tradition it is always a case of profit before people.
There is not one single aspect of life which has improved since 2010 and little wonder when we analise the cabinet. They are all so out of touch with reality so as to make them ineffective.
Cameron must be he worst Prime Minister we have suffered for decades, not so much for what he does and stands for himself although that is very substantial but for how he allows his Ministers to get away with their destructive acts.
None of them are truly fit for purpose. Osborne is destroying all aspects of the welfare system aided very significantly by Duncan-Smith, Grayling has destroyed MoJ, he doesn’t need any help,he is doing a great job on his own.
All that come from the spin doctors are lies, lies and more lies.
There are no real quality politicians left who could be leaders apart from Ken Clarke who really is too old to be effective other than that the Tory part and consequently the Government is full of self important Hurrah Henrys who care for nothing other than their increasing bank balances.
What is needed are more genuine peoples MPs, people like Dennis Skinner, a more genuine person one couldn’t wish to meet and Alan Johnson, a good down to earth northener, also Margaret Hodge who says it as it is impartially and honestly. There are more on the back benches who have never been members of the Bullingdon Club and are not part of the Astor dynasty, let us just hope that come May sufficient voters turn out to put a few more people with real backbone into power!

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