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January 21, 2015

There isn’t a single aspect of life for the ordinary man in the street which has improved since 2010 when the Coalition Government came to power. Every single benefit has gone to the top 1% of the population. And the reason is very plain and simple, throughout the period of that Government the authorites have put profits before people.
It doesn’t matter what we try and do we meet a brick wall when we seek resources.
I’ve applied to have a stairlift installed at my home to allow me to get out, something I haven’t done for more than six months now but my application after two years is still on hold because local social services have been cut to such an extent that they just haven’t been able to visit me to assess my needs.
We have had heavy snow today but gritting and ploughing has been halved because of cutbacks at the council. I can no longer use the mobile library service, it has gone as a result of cutbacks, as has our local community hall, our refuse collection service, our road repairs department, our local swimming pool, day centres for the elderly, youth clubs for our young people etc etc.
Baci in 2010 I set up a Facebook page called the Campaign for the protection of our welfare state, no one was interested yet look what we have lost!! Street lights, policemen, firemen you name it we have lost them.
Throughout the country we are facing disaster after disaster except round Chipping Camden of course.

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