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August 12, 2014

Up until recently I have felt myself lapsing somewhat and perhaps not showing as much Christian love in my everyday life as I should. It really is so easy to get side tracked and allow ones emotions to take control especially when we are surrounded by all the evil there is in the world today. I suppose that is the hard part of being a good Christian, being able to turn the other cheek.
I have been wronged so many times in my life, just how many will become clear later this year when my book A LIFE OF SENTENCES is published but I can say in all honesty that I hold no grudges against those who have wronged me. I cannot bring myself to judge them, not to judge anyone, life is far too short.
It often isn’t easy but we must try to understand peoples actions, whatever they are, rather than make judgements on them.
It is no secret, indeed my book is about them, that I have seved several sentences but I have never been too concerned about that. I have always taken great strength in the knowledge that the judgements which sent me there were judgements based on man made laws and whilst I respect them because they are what keep society running as it does the only judgment I really fear is that judgment that I have to face when I face the Lord and that judgment is comforted by the fact that God knows everything, He alone knows my full life story and it is on that that my fate will be decided.
The absolute important thing in life is that we, as good Christians, and I know many other faiths feel the same is that wherever and what as we go through life we share love and compassion with those we meet on life’s journey. WE need to do that in any way we can in both a practical sense and equally in an emotional sense.
I don’t have any great theologcal knowledge but I do know that when I have shown love to another in any way I always feel a warm glow inside.
Same when I gve gifts for any occasion. Whatever it is I am giving I do so in the knowledge that there is far more pleasure in giving than in receiving. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to receive gifts myself because I do but the feeling I get when I have given, be it to an individual or a group like a charity, is far above and beyond any other.
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.

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