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July 9, 2014

Once, many years ago vaguely recall seeing a film ANGRAY YOUNG MEN. I’ve concluded that I must therefore be the latest version, an ANGRY OLD MAN. Sadly I’m not as active as I used to be but to balance that out I am certainly more angry than I have ever been. Not just with one person or group, that wouled be easy with BT and George Thompson at the head of my list but with society as a whole, thye whole uncaring worldwide society.
No one cares anymore,well that’s not true of course, there are countless wonderful caring people in all four corners of the world but they are constantly being suppressed by the majority, the ruling classes whose sole purpose in life is self promotion often achieved with a large portion of finacial corruption.
In my home county this week it has been announced that we will more than likely be losing school crossing wardens, childrens centres, community transport services and on and on goes the list and all because of this Government’s obsession with making money for the ruling classes because belive me that is what it is. All the platitudes about creating jobs and getting development back is total fantasy simply created to add wealth for the friends of the Eton/Oxford/Bullingdon/Chpiing Camden set.
I long for the good old days when people were more important than profit and society cared but I suppose that is just wishful thinking.

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