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July 6, 2014

This post will probably make me very unpopular but it is written with total honesty and without bias of any kind.
As a licence payer I simply want to know what the BBC obsession with sports is all about.
Millions of us buy a television licence every year, indeed we have no choice but our viewing aspirations go to the wall everytime there is a major sporting event. Pehaps we should look at some figures. The number of genuine sports fans for any event is in reality limited to a maximum of a very few millions, mostly even less and what in reality is a very small minority of licence payers so why does the viewing by the majority need to move to one side to allow total domination of the airwaves.
When BBC2 was first mooted it was supposed to be a minority sporst channel – taht premise soon went through the window.
I am not a spoilsport I follow my local football teams avidly and my Saturday afternoons wouldn’t be the same without Final Score. But no, dear old beeb have to give me wall to wall coverage of the World Cup, an event which is of real no important to we English now. Then along comes Wimbledon, domain of the rich and wealthy where everyone who thinks they are anyone parade in the Royal Box for all to see, how false it all is.
I state again I am not against sport and fitness and would encourage it’s promotion far and wide but I am against all this blanket coverage given by the BBC at he expense of their normal usually top quality ordinary broadcast material.
And my final rant this post. What gives the BBC the right to play about with the news timings as it does? Providing quality news coverage is what the BBC does best but constantly moving it around to accommodate sports coverage is just plain crazy. We deserve to be presented with the news at the proper time, not as and when sports permits.
So there you have it, a post whichmight make me very unpopular but is simply an expression of how I feel.

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