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June 16, 2014

Since I had infinity installed two weeks ago I have had constan problems with my briadband dropping out two to three times every day. I have had long sessions with the technical guys at BT and all have tried their best. After each call and any work is completed they say the sme things, monitor the problem and contact us if it persists. I am reaching the end of my patience with tis situation. I need my computer almost constantly.
I am a blogger, own an online sales business and do all my writing on the laptop, for it to keep droppoing out id judt not god enough but BT seem reluctant to do anything about it apart from allow me to discus it with someone in one of their call centres in India. After many, many years as a loyal BT customer I am seriously considering changing to another provider.
Has anyone else experienced these kind of problems? Please get in touch via the contact format the end of this blog.

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