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June 14, 2014

DO NOT ENQUIRE ABOUT A LOAN ONLINE!!! I have this week and so far have had two separate fraudulent amounts taken from my bank account by so called loan introduction agencies.
How it works is this. You make your initial enquiry online to wehat appear to be legitimate companies, so called brokers. In doing so you obviously have to give bank details.
These brokers then pass your details to up to 30 or more other companies. The details are then used by these companies to take fees from unsuspecting customers. They have either the authority to do so, nor any legitimate reason to do so.
The banks will not make any refund because they say that you have given the details to the original company and their terms and conditions allow hem to share those details with the other companies. So far I have had two fraudulent payments taen out by a company called MERLIN LOANS and another company called MY
Avoid those companies totally, they exist purely to rip you off.
I have started a Government e petition to get them regulated or closed, please sign my e petition on line and also, if you have been affected by similarrip offs please contact me via the comments forat the enod of this blog.Thanks. Together we can beat these thieving………………s.

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