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June 1, 2014

I try to be objective when it comes to politics and have watched the so called rise of UKIP with a great deal of interest and I must admit ti being confused. I am totally undecided

as to whether I should take this phenomenon seriously as the birth of a new major force in British politics or whether I should take it as a comical here today, gone tomorrow party. Only time will tell but in the meantime there is no doubt that it is cetainly creating upheaval.
To date I haven’t read of any real policies coming from the UKIP camp, just a series of sound bite provoking outbursts which the BBC in its wisdom appears to be very anxious to dissipate over its various news and current affairs programming. Indeed Nigel Farage is being granted an inordinate amount of airtime.
I was also surprised putting it mildly to learn, again via the BBC, that Neil Hamilton is Deputy Chairman of UKIP, with his track record I don’t think that fact will endear serious politicos to UKIP.
The whole thing just lacks depth. Yes, it is attacting a lot of attention and media coverage, yes, there has been some localised success but on following on virtually every success there has ben a problem.
Just what is happening and how long are we to be subjected to the current farce, when is UKIP going to fade from view or alternately come up with some policies which will give it the graitas it needs to make a serious long term entry in the political world? Answers on a postcard please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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