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May 24, 2014

I wonder if ‘White Dee’ who claims to be every claimants friend realises what damage she is doing to the problems surrounding genuine claimants. She is playing right into the hands of Ian Duncan Smith and the present government as they relentlessly carry on their campaign to totally destroy this wonderful caring community we are in danger of losing.
I have to wonder how much her so called manage is making from all this and wonder also why DWP aren’t investigating him along with HMRC.
She (White Dee) is all that is wrong with the system. If IDS really wants to save mone on the welfare budget he should be pouring resources into the fraud team allowing them the capability to rein in those who are in fraudulent receipt of any type of benefits, not hiving of the work to foreign companies such as ATOS who simply attack those in genuine need.
I personally know a number of claimants who are living lives of relative luxury but who have never done a days work in their lives and where are the investigators, nowhere to be seen.
And some of the excuses, White Dee is a case in point. Depressed, what a joke, just look at her, does she seem depressed I think not. Rememeber she lost her last job when she stole £13k from her employers, was that depression, I think not.
All these modern day ailments which would never have been heard of fifty years ago provide some of the best excuses possible for all kinds of tings. ADHD, a simple excuse for bad behaviour amongst children whose parents have no idea about paraenting, depression, a generic excuse for anyone too lazy to work.
OOne day this country will wake up and realise that what is needed to put things right are good old fashioned values which don’t hide behind so called psychosematice illnesses as an excuse for everything.
There, I’ve had my Saturday morning rant, more to come soon no doubt,Nigel Farage is in the firing line soon amongst other subjects, I can’t put the world to rights, not even the UK, but I can talk about it and sharemy thoughts and frustrations with anyone who wants to listem.

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