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May 19, 2014

What a week, been so busy which is unusual for me. Usually sit in my chair morning till night counting the squares on the wallpaper. That’s what happens when you have virtually no mobility at all and reach the age when all your old friends forget you exist,not that I’m complaining, there are people far worse off than me. Very few people have any idea what it is like to be lonely and even more so when you are tied to the house.
I wish there was something positive I could do to publicise the problem but there isn’t a lot that can be done. A couple of years ago I launched the Friendship Line providing phone friendsip to any lonely person who needed it. It had a moderate but very positive response from those who used it but the Esther Rantzen came along with her Silverline and my line just died. Not complaining and am happy that Silverline exists as a resource. I was a bit annoyed though when it was launched and Esther appeared on the One Show on BBC TV claiming hers was thefirst national helpline. Totally untrue, at that time my line had been running two years and AgeUK have a befrienders scheme which had been in existence for years before that. I suppose that’slife though!!!!

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