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April 27, 2014

Can anyone explain to me why we are obsessed with fancy food and the stupid prices we pay? For ages now I have wondered what is wrong with good old fashioned British dishes. I’m not against foreign food, indeed from time to time I love a good Indian or Chinese meal but I’m not obsessed with it.
I’ve just been watching some ‘celebrity chefs’ on BBC iplayer and I have to wonder what planet they are on.
Some of their creations don’t belong in te real world and certainly most of them are financially out of reach for ordinary people like myself. I wonder how much of what they present is for nourishment and enjoyment and how much is simply blinding we mere mortals with science and when I see some of the ‘meals’ on a plate, a square inch of this, a stalk of that etc etc I wonder who they think they are kidding. No way would a diet consisting of this si called nouvelle cuisine provide the necessary nourishment to keep an average person alive.
I want to see a return to good nutricious, nice tasting food as the norm and will henceforth be blogging various plain food recipes on my blog.
And, by way of a warning I shall most definitely be using tinned and frozen foods on a regular basis. Why not, the manufacturers spend millions of pounds every year on research to ensure the quality of what they are offering thereby virtually eliminating any danger of any kind.
So from now on enjoy, live well and eat good and keep your food spending to a sensible level.

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