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April 17, 2014

I live well I think, including luxuries on an occasional basis but it never fails to amaze me when I watch food programmes on television just how much money is spent by some of the presenters and just how much is a total waste.
Food, good food, can be enjoyed at a very modest cost especially if you use tinned and rozen from time to time. Both tinned and frozen are in the main just as wholesome as fresh and at a fraction of the cost.
Most days my main meal costs less than £2, the exception being on the rare occasion when I treat myselfto afreh salmon fillet, or a sea bass fillet, a nice rib eye steak or a joint of meat. Even then I very rarely spend more than £4.
So, from now on I am going to blog a recipe a day, not restaurant food but simple home cooked healthy and nutricious meals which everyone should be able to afford.
I will use frozen food and I will use some tinned but the result will be great food at great prices.
Some personality chefs are great at blinding us with science but be honest, how often do you see a food programme which shows you how to prepare everyday food which is a realistic option for ordinary households.

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