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April 11, 2014

I am normally a very savvy operator on the internet and until yesterday though I would never be caught out by scammers and theives. I say until yesterday when out of the blue I received an incoming phone call. The caller,in an Asian accent (quite usual for BT), introduced himself as from the broadband technical department.He went on to tell me that my computer had sent a large number of error warnings to BT. He then spent just over an hour going through various things on the computer with me using a remote control programme allowing him to have control of the computer. This had happened to me before with BT so I wasn’t suspicious.
He ended by saying he had detected above 92000 faults in my computer and that attention was needed adding that someone else from BT would contact me in minutes.
Indeed that is what happened and another Asian, calling himself John, called me and told me that it was necessary to have protection software installed and this would cost me between £17 for one year and £199 forfull life protection. I opted for the smallest amount and again they took over my computer.
‘John’ asked me for my debit card details which,believing he was from BT i was happy to give.
He then signed off asking me not to use my computer for at least an hour which I agreed to.
For some reason I had niggling doubts during tha hour and as soon as I could get back on the computer and use it again I checked my bank account.
Lo and behold there was what I thought was a discrepancy. I immediatly telephoned my bank who were very helpful and told me that a Western Union payment for £102 had been taken fromthe account whilst the computer was being controlled elsewhere.
I immediatly reported this as a frad and all the appropriate actions are now in place.
So all BT Broadband customers should be aware. Especially as I spent three hours yesterday evening trying to contact BT’s security department. It isn’t an exxaeration to say that BT just weren’t interested, all they wanted to do was SELL me extra protection. They flatly refused to connect me to their security section.
All I wanted to do was alert them as to what was happening but as I say they were just not interested.
As a result of a tweet about what has happened I have now heard from several other ‘victims’ so this is obviously a nationwide fraud.
I am now, after a lifetime as a loyal BT customer seriously considering moving elsewhere. I am disgusted at this total lack of interest and customer care they are showing.
I would be interested in hearing from any other victims of this fraud. Please use the comment form at the end of this blog to contact me, many thanks.

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