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April 8, 2014

Not a lot happening today in this crazy old world of ours. Shame about Peaches Geldorf, must be terrible for Sir Bob, my heart goes out to him.
Still no real news abou the Malaysian airliner, what a mystery that is turning out to be.
Maria Miller still hanging on to her job, what a travesty that is. If you or I or any man in the street fiddled as much as she has we would be facing a Crown Court but I suppose as a friend of Cameron’s she is immune.
This whole parliamentary set up needs a full and radical overhaul and one which includes independent policing.
I can remember when Members of Parliament were genuine people who sought election to serve their constituents, not to promote their own self interests as they do these days.
I suppose I’m just an old guy harking back to the ‘good old days’.

Things do seem to have changed so much though, values have become lost. How sad, I shudder to think where society is going and what the future holds. And all our so called leaders can do is build their own empires.

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