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No one can say the haven’t seen the rapid decline of this country in every possible way. The government are hell bent on destroying all that is good in GB. That is inline with Tory policy, create a hue divide between the haves and the have nots constantly increasing the wealth of the very small minority at the top.
In true Tory tradition it is always a case of profit before people.
There is not one single aspect of life which has improved since 2010 and little wonder when we analise the cabinet. They are all so out of touch with reality so as to make them ineffective.
Cameron must be he worst Prime Minister we have suffered for decades, not so much for what he does and stands for himself although that is very substantial but for how he allows his Ministers to get away with their destructive acts.
None of them are truly fit for purpose. Osborne is destroying all aspects of the welfare system aided very significantly by Duncan-Smith, Grayling has destroyed MoJ, he doesn’t need any help,he is doing a great job on his own.
All that come from the spin doctors are lies, lies and more lies.
There are no real quality politicians left who could be leaders apart from Ken Clarke who really is too old to be effective other than that the Tory part and consequently the Government is full of self important Hurrah Henrys who care for nothing other than their increasing bank balances.
What is needed are more genuine peoples MPs, people like Dennis Skinner, a more genuine person one couldn’t wish to meet and Alan Johnson, a good down to earth northener, also Margaret Hodge who says it as it is impartially and honestly. There are more on the back benches who have never been members of the Bullingdon Club and are not part of the Astor dynasty, let us just hope that come May sufficient voters turn out to put a few more people with real backbone into power!


There isn’t a single aspect of life for the ordinary man in the street which has improved since 2010 when the Coalition Government came to power. Every single benefit has gone to the top 1% of the population. And the reason is very plain and simple, throughout the period of that Government the authorites have put profits before people.
It doesn’t matter what we try and do we meet a brick wall when we seek resources.
I’ve applied to have a stairlift installed at my home to allow me to get out, something I haven’t done for more than six months now but my application after two years is still on hold because local social services have been cut to such an extent that they just haven’t been able to visit me to assess my needs.
We have had heavy snow today but gritting and ploughing has been halved because of cutbacks at the council. I can no longer use the mobile library service, it has gone as a result of cutbacks, as has our local community hall, our refuse collection service, our road repairs department, our local swimming pool, day centres for the elderly, youth clubs for our young people etc etc.
Baci in 2010 I set up a Facebook page called the Campaign for the protection of our welfare state, no one was interested yet look what we have lost!! Street lights, policemen, firemen you name it we have lost them.
Throughout the country we are facing disaster after disaster except round Chipping Camden of course.


Of course I don’t mean that Christianity itself is failing but what is failing is the church establishment and it is failing because to a large extent it is out of touch with the man in the street.
The church which I love has become an exclusive club for those at a certain level in society. No longer does it follow the open to all principle which we genuine Christians should adhere to.
I mention in my book A LIFE OF SENTENCES how I was shunned by the church some years ago resulting in my breaking, albeit temporarily with the Anglican Communion. (A Life of Sentences from or Since then I have had a similar experience when the Vicar from my local church visited me a couple of times to celebrate communion at my home as I was housebound. He said he was going to arrange for a visit every six weeks, that was avove two years ago and since then I have heard nothing. What does that say about the caring church?
The thing is I still love my church although it obviously doesn’t reciprocate. Once again I will not be able to take communion at this most joyous time of the year which is a source of great disappointment.
The church, if it is to survive must realise it is of the people and for the people.


How many other Christians are like me, strong personal faith but no church family. At the present time, in fact for sme months I have been totally housebound and therefore can’t get out to search out a church but in any event how does one do that?
I managed to contact my local Anglican church some 3 years ago and a couple of ministers did visit me. Indeed on the last visit I had an arrangement was made that the minister would visit me every six weeks to celebrate Communion. Up to now, well over two years I haven’t heard a word, no visit, no explanation nothing!!
But bak to me question, how does one go about finding a church, especially when housebound and virtually immobile. and I suppose following on from that how important is it to have a church? Is it not possible to still be a good Christian, even if in isolation.


From personal experience I can tell followers there are some wonderful people from the Christian Community working both as paid members of chaplaincy teams and as volunteers in various capacities. There are also a number of truly excellent organisations working in the field such as the Prison Fellowship and it is really important that what all these people are doing is fully recognised. It is only by recognising what is being done that we will encourage more from our great Christian family to think about also helping prisoners and ex prisoners.
So much could be achieved if we can only bring ourselves, as Christians, to accept offenders without being prejudiced or judgmental. Yes, it can be very hard, many is the occasion when whilst in prison I have counselled or given an advice to someone serving a sentence for an offence which attracts hate, perhaps child abuse or something similar and I have been approached by ‘ordinary’ prisoners asking me why I have even talked to the ‘nonce’, it is hard to understand but behind the label is a person crying out for help and who am I to judge whether he is worthy of that help or not?


In my life there have been a number of low points, when I’ve been sent to prison and particularly when I was admitted to hospital having suffered a serious stroke.
It’s at these low points when I find my faith is at it’s strongest and invariably I have adopted the philosophy of picking myself up, dusting myself down and starting all over again. For me this has always worked, encouraged by the knowledge that God is by my side I could never give up and it has always worked.
Positive thinking, backed by faith, is the way to approach life and it will always bring positive results, I can tell you it works from personal experience.
I am often reminded of how important it is to take the positive route through life by the well known text FOOTPRINTS. God will always be alongside us whether we realise it or not, it’s up to us to play our part by thinking and acting in as positive a manner as we can.
I would love to be able to explain to those who have not yet found the Lord just what a warm and wonderful feeling of confidence we get from knowing we have this all embracing love protecting and guding us.
Go in peace, go in joy,go in love


Up until recently I have felt myself lapsing somewhat and perhaps not showing as much Christian love in my everyday life as I should. It really is so easy to get side tracked and allow ones emotions to take control especially when we are surrounded by all the evil there is in the world today. I suppose that is the hard part of being a good Christian, being able to turn the other cheek.
I have been wronged so many times in my life, just how many will become clear later this year when my book A LIFE OF SENTENCES is published but I can say in all honesty that I hold no grudges against those who have wronged me. I cannot bring myself to judge them, not to judge anyone, life is far too short.
It often isn’t easy but we must try to understand peoples actions, whatever they are, rather than make judgements on them.
It is no secret, indeed my book is about them, that I have seved several sentences but I have never been too concerned about that. I have always taken great strength in the knowledge that the judgements which sent me there were judgements based on man made laws and whilst I respect them because they are what keep society running as it does the only judgment I really fear is that judgment that I have to face when I face the Lord and that judgment is comforted by the fact that God knows everything, He alone knows my full life story and it is on that that my fate will be decided.
The absolute important thing in life is that we, as good Christians, and I know many other faiths feel the same is that wherever and what as we go through life we share love and compassion with those we meet on life’s journey. WE need to do that in any way we can in both a practical sense and equally in an emotional sense.
I don’t have any great theologcal knowledge but I do know that when I have shown love to another in any way I always feel a warm glow inside.
Same when I gve gifts for any occasion. Whatever it is I am giving I do so in the knowledge that there is far more pleasure in giving than in receiving. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to receive gifts myself because I do but the feeling I get when I have given, be it to an individual or a group like a charity, is far above and beyond any other.
Go in peace, go in joy, go in love.